About us

Marebens is a family business with over 60 years of experience that has become a benchmark in real estate in Tarragona province. We exercise our profession with responsibility and transparency and offer a wide range of services to cover all the needs of our clients.

  • We are already a solidarity company - UNHCR - On the Front Line
  • Transforms - Oxfam Intermón and SMEs for development
  • Company without borders - Doctors without borders
  • We are already a solidarity company - UNHCR - On the Front Line
  • Who we are
    Who we are

    A family business with over 60 years of experience

    Finques Marti was founded by court attorney Lluís Martí Gavaldà, who began managing rental properties in the city of Tarragona. Along with other professional colleagues, in the 1960s he was behind the establishment of the Property Managers Association of Tarragona Province, of which he was the president. His youngest son, Enric, took over the company after the death of his father in 1981. Since then it has enjoyed steady growth, embracing both the administration and management of properties and, more recently, offering a design and renovation service. All these activities have always been governed by the same principles: trust, responsibility and excellent customer relations. This approach is what has enabled us to celebrate over 60 years at your service.

    Finques Cabré started out in Valls, over 75 years ago, as a property brokerage firm. In those early years, the company’s main activity was rustic land sales and leases. Finques Cabré became part of Marebens in 2007, consolidating the company as a leader in the field of administration of real estate assets in Tarragona. Both firms share same the same operating and working philosophy: customer guidance and professional commitment.

  • What we do
    What we do

    Comprehensive property administration and management

    We manage the properties and assets of our customers with the utmost rigor and responsibility, helping them to obtain the maximum profitability; in doing so, we place a wide range of services at your disposal:

    1. Property Administration
    2. Real Estate Agents
    3. Renovation Department
    4. Investors
  • Marebens Seal
    Marebens Seal

    Tenants will choose your property

    Not all the properties offered for rent are managed by Marebens. Owners can use our services simply to speed up the rent of their property, although most of them count on our management services once it has been rented.

    When choosing a flat, tenants really appreciate having a post-rental service to look after any incidents or breakdowns that may arise; that is why they usually choose flats managed by us.

    Marebens SealThis icon indicates that the property is managed by Marebens. As tenants, you can be sure that Marebens will manage any breakdowns that may arise during your rental. You can report any incident via our contact form or by calling: 977 248 080 (Tarragona)/977 601 363 (Valls).

  • Code of Ethics and 0.7 Commitment
    Code of Ethics and 0.7 Commitment

    Ethics and solidarity in our daily work

    Our daily actions are always governed by the professional Code of Ethics of the sector.. Moreover, we believe it is possible to operate a commercial business while at the same time uniting efforts and applying values ​​such as solidarity to fight poverty and social exclusion. For this reason, we made the decision to donate 0.7% of our management fees to NGOs.