Benefits for both owners and tenants

If you own a property for rent, Marebens has a comprehensive service management for you specially designed to ensure the best management of your assets.  If you are a tenant in a property managed by Marebens, you will find us a permanent source of customer service both before and after formalizing your contract.

  • Owner: What makes us different from the rest?

    • Maximum payment guarantees
      Maximum payment guarantees

      We constantly strive to offer you the very best property management service

      In addition to a thorough selection of tenants and efficient management of your rents (promptly paid to your bank account on the last day of the current month), we also offer a comprehensive legal assistance service for owners: whether for issues related to contractual conditions or payment arrears,, Marebens will cover the legal defence of its clients (with no additional costs or limits).

    • Management and payment of taxes
      Management and payment of taxes

      We manage all the expenses related to your property.

      Stop worrying about issuing or payment deadlines of local taxes. Marebens takes care of paying these taxes and any other expenses related to your estate, which will be offset when settling your monthly rental receipts.

    • Breakdown Service
      Breakdown Service

      A reliable response to any incident

      Our Breakdown Department will manage and resolve any kind of incident related to the operation of your property, dealing with the lessee and putting them in contact with our trusted trade professionals in order to solve the incident as quickly as possible.

    • Legal advice and mediation
      Legal advice and mediation

      Maximum protection for our clients

      As a support to our Legal Support Service for owners we have a mediation department to deal with any payment incidents related to your property. Both services are offered to guarantee the full collection of your rents.

    • Online access
      Online access

      Log in to your property account from home in real time

      We want to provide maximum transparency in the management of your properties. As owners and clients of Marebens, you can check your account through our website in real time and download all the documents related to your rentals.

      Manage your property by this link

      Check the details of your lease: contracts, payments, incidents, receipts and other documents.

      Download documents: income certificates, payments, receipts, etc.

      Contact us: questions, queries, incidents related to your property rental.

      Review the status of your property account: income, expenses, payment of bills, etc.

    • Processing Property Certificates
      Processing Property Certificates

      We facilitate the processing of all the legally required certificates related to your property

      From occupancy to energy efficiency certificates and technical inspections of the building, we take care of processing all the certificates currently required by law when renting or selling a property.

  • Tenants: benefits specially designed for you

    • Breakdown Service
      Breakdown Service

      A reliable response to any incident

      Our Breakdown Department will manage any incident that affects the operation of your apartment or premises by putting you in touch with our trusted trade professionals and solving the breakdown as quickly and efficiently as possible

    • Information and assistance point
      Information and assistance point

      Useful information before and after renting a property

      Access all the necessary information to answer all your doubts about the completion, management and termination of your rental contract:

      To access a rental property

      What are the requirements?

      What documents should I bring?

      During the rental

      In the event of a breakdown, what should I do?

      Who is in charge?

      To terminate a contract

      I want to leave the property before the end of the contract, what should I do?

    • All-Inclusive Rental
      All-Inclusive Rental

      Our rental prices include all taxes and fees

      Community fees and local taxes (such as IBI and garbage collection tax) are included in our property rental rates. Therefore you have no surprises either in the contract or the payment of your monthly rent, which can only be altered by legal annual increases of these fees.

    • Registering for utility supplies and services
      Registering for utility supplies and services

      We help you to get your apartment set up.

      If basic household utilities (water, electricity and/or gas) are not registered at the time of renting your apartment, we can help you to register by providing all the necessary information to complete these formalities or, if you wish, we can offer our Registering Service to complete the formalities on your behalf. We can also advise you, if needed, on getting insurance to cover your belongings in case of any unforeseen event.