Works Department

Our Works Department, with over 15 years of experience in renovating buildings and apartments, offers a comprehensive project management service to address any of your concerns in this area.

We can redesign your property

  • Minor renovations
    Minor renovations

    Innovative ideas and projects for your property

    Our Department takes each project as a new challenge, generating ideas and adapting them to our customers’ needs: from upgrading flats for rental to fully comprehensive renovation of buildings, improving the layout of retail premises for new business, or simply creating new living spaces with character for you to enjoy your home.

  • Renovation work
    Renovation work

    Small upgrades and major renovation projects at your disposal

    Since 1999 we have been offering our clients a specific department dedicated to managing and executing comprehensive building renovation projects. If your property needs upgrading or has to be adapted to new habitability standards, Marebens can handle everything: from minor upgrades to comprehensive building renovation.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us: we’ll come up with a proposal that best suits your needs and budget.

    Why renovate?

    1. Because it will boost the value of your assets.
    2. Because it will considerably expand the options to rent your property and increasing your income.
    3. Because housing rental demand has increased significantly in recent years and will keep on rising.
    4. Because you should get a return of around8% on your investment.
    5. Because you will get some tax benefits.
    6. Because reduced-rate VAT applies to renovation works (10%).